Director Community Services – Position Advertised

The department of Community Services is mainly responsible for service such as integrated solid waste management; traffic and law enforcement, fire and disaster management; housing development facilitation and maintenance of existing infrastructure such as public amenities, parks, cemeteries, pounds, community halls, libraries, sports fields and recreational facilities. The department is politically led by Cllr. Thozama May and administratively led by …………as the Director. He is assisted in managing the department by Lekhetho Mareka- Chief Traffic Officer, Law Enforcement & Disaster Management and Noluvo Tshabeni- Manager Waste Management .The objectives of the department are:

  • To deliver on its constitutional mandate a sustainable environment that is free from harm, is safe and healthy for the benefit of current and future generations.
  • To provide, maintain municipal public amenities to all by ensuring easy, affordable and equitable access thereto.
  • Anchor and implement all government programmes aimed at providing job opportunities and skills to the unemployed through Expanded Public Works Programme, Community Works Programme and other projects

The department responsible for the following functions:

Waste Management and Cleansing

  • Refuse removal
  • Landfill site management
  • Waste minimisation and recycling
  • Environmental Education and public Awareness

Parks and Public Amenities

  • Library services
  • Pound operations and management
  • Well maintained parks, open spaces and other municipal amenities (Halls, Cemeteries, sports fields, public toilets etc

Law Enforcement

  • Assist with revision of relevant  Bylaws (waste bylaws, bylaws relating to waste disposal sites, nuisance bylaws
  • Traffic regulations and law enforcement

Public Safety

  • Road traffic services
  • Law enforcement
  • Fire & emergency services

Expended Public Works Programme

  • Greenest Municipality Competitition
  • Municipal carwash
  • Public Private Partnership for the management and operation of municipal landfill sites
  • Establishment of a waste minimisation and census office