Objectives of corporate services

  • To provide effective and efficient administrative support to the municipality
  • To ensure alignment of the organisational structure with the overall objectives and the strategic direction of the municipality
  • To create a pool of relevant skills and develop the municipality into a learning institution
  • To promote the existence of sound labour relations and ensure general health and safety environment at the workplace;
  • To provide reliable and secure ICT services within Elundini Local Municipality

Departmental Key Performing Areas

  • Policy formulation and Review
  • Administrative and Auxiliary Support Services
  • Registry
  • Human Resource Management  & Development of staff;
  • Providing a reliable and sustainable ICT environment

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection of right people for the right jobs as encapsulated in the municipality’s staff establishment in order to ensure that Integrated Development Plan objectives are met. The section also ensures that the recruited employees are remunerated correctly in line with the applicable legislation and collective agreements through its payroll office.

 Employee Wellness

The section also manages Employee wellness including, commemoration of wellness days, awareness on diseases and/or dangers of drug abuse while on the other hand providing assistance to affected employees

Occupational Health and Safety

The section, through its employee relations wing facilitates compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Act by ensuring that there are functional SHE representatives and Health and Safety Committee.

Employee Relations

This section coordinates the processes of ensuring that discipline is maintained by all employees in the institution and to ensure that grievances are resolved before they turn into disputes. It further has a duty to defend the employer’s interest in the instances where there are labour related disputes at the SALGC, CCMA and or labour court.

Organisational Development

The section ensures compliance with section 66 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 by ensuring that each and every position that is in the staff establishment has a job description and that the job descriptions are evaluated

Individual Performance Management

The section deals with the cascading of performance management system to all levels within the municipality’s staff establishment by facilitating that performance agreements be concluded on an annual basis and that performance reviews be conducted on a quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis and to appraise good performance while on the other hand develops those who fall short in terms of meeting their set objectives.

Conditions of Services, Benefits and Remuneration

Managing the conditions of services, fringe benefits and remuneration of staff in line with the applicable collective agreements.

Talent Management

Managing the career development of staff, keeping abreast with developments in the sector and government at large so as to ensure that the municipal policies are geared towards retaining and attracting good talent to ensure quality services are delivered to the communities of Elundini.

Skills Development, Training and Employment Equity

The Skills development and Employment Equity function of Elundini Local Municipality The Skills Development Act, SAQA Act and Employment Equity Act while also conforming to the regulations stipulated in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Labour Relations Act and the Constitution of South Africa. The aim is to ensure that the municipality capitalises on its skills development budget and the Skills Development Levy it pays over to the South African Revenue Services by submitting the Workplace Skills Plan to the Local Government SETA in order to access grants for skills development. Therefore the function, among many of its aspects: Promotes planned approaches toward improving the competence and productivity of our workforce. Establishes quality control mechanisms in terms of training outcomes. Create skills labour pools for future employment. Access learnership funding, including learnership allowance for the unemployed. Develops and Implement an Employment Equity Plan to ensure the eradication of all forms of discrimination in terms of employment policies. Initiates steps that will encourage Council to implement programmes to accelerate the training and promotion of historically disadvantaged employees, in order to deliver quality service.

Information and Communication Technology

  • Provision of ICT support and services
  • Improved  systems and infrastructure;
  • Provide the Network security;
  • Promote the access to municipal services through the use of Information and Communication Technology
  • Ensure that the relevant systems are in place;
  • Ensure that all the systems are Integrated into one IT-based systems;
  • Ensure that there is IT strategy, policies and procedures in place;
  • Ensure that the IT Risk management procedures are in place;
  • Provide the connectivity to the Municipality

Administration and Support

The section is divided into the following units;


Registry is the central office that manages all the records of the Municipality


  • Provides secretarial support to Council and its Committees, thereby implementing its activities in line with its roster of meetings, thereby adhering to the policies that regulate such activities.

Auxiliary Services

  • Provides the municipality with office space management, Cleaning services and Security services.

Satellite Offices

  • The two satellite offices are located in the Mt Fletcher and Ugie towns.
  • The main functions being the execution of personnel administrative functions relating to staff leave and overtime claims which extends to employee wellness and safety.
  • To provide responsive, accurate and reliable customer service in line with community expectations and Council’s Vision and Mission.
  • To proactively participate in the day to day functions of the Municipality by ensuring that it maintains and continually enhances its performance in providing excellence in customer service.