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Bylaws: Advertising signs and disfigurement of the frontages of street ; Aerial systems; Aerodrome- Municipal Airports; Barbers, hairdressers and beauticians; Bed & Breakfast, Guest house facilities; Building control; Cemeteries; Childcare Services; Credit & Debt collection; 
Bylaws: Electricity supply; Encroachment on property; Fire brigade
Fire Safety Bylaw
BylawsFireworks; Funeral Undertakers; Impoundment of animals 
Bylaws: Keeping of animals, poultry and bees control; Keeping of dogs; Law enforcement; Lease of halls and conference facilities; Library; Liquor trading hours; Municipal commonage; Municipal taxi rank; Nuisance; Outdoor facility and municipal buildings; Parking attendants/Car attendants; Parks and Open space; Parks for caravans and mobile homes; Property rates; Refuse removal
Waste disposal sites bylaw