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                                                                               Director Planning and Economic Development –   Ntomboxolo Charlotte Eddie

The Planning and Economic Development is politically led by Portfolio Head Cllr. Mthobeli Siphamla and administratively led by Ms Ntomboxolo Charlotte Eddie. She is assisted in managing the department by Viwe Madolo – Manager Local Economic Development and Property Management led by Dakalo Muthelo. The purpose of the Department is to plan, regulate and coordinate Strategic Planning, Spatial Planning, Economic Development.

The Department comprises the following divisions:

  • Spatial Planning & GIS
  • Economic Development focusing on;
    • Agriculture & Forestry
    • Rural Development
    • Small Medium Micro Enterprise Development
    • Tourism

 Objectives of the Department

  • Ensure Integrated Planning and Reporting
  • Promote Spatial and urban efficiency
  • Enable economic growth, addressing poverty, maximise job creation

Departmental KPAs

  • Ensure Improved IDP processes and outcomes.
  • Promote Functional Spatial Planning and GIS
  • Promote Urban and Rural Development
  • Enabling economic growth
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Maximised job creation